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May 17th 2016

After a long day I love to come home and relax! The best way to do it is to light a candle in a dim room. My candle of choice is Voluspa Pink Citron. It has a summer scent that puts your mind in a vac … read more

Scent Sci and Scents & Sprays present "NEST FEST" 2016

Posted by Scent Sci the Scent Expert on Jan 29th 2016

It's never too early in the year for continued testing, so that we at Scents & Sprays can provide you with our likes and dislikes.  That being said, it's time for NEST FEST 2016!  A smal … read more
Scent Sci 2016 1st Quarter Review

Scent Sci 2016 1st Quarter Review

Posted by Scent Sci the Scent Expert on Jan 20th 2016

Shop The Flash Sale At Scents And SpraysGreetings from all of us at Scents & Sprays!     Despite the major holidays being over, its NEVER to early to think about some of the "n … read more

Black Friday........Scent Sci Style

Nov 20th 2015

Have we stopped testing?   The answer is heck NO!  With the holiday season right around the corner.  Its almost time to decide what your going to buy the special someone, or those … read more

Holiday Preview

Nov 12th 2015

Its Thursday, November 12, 2015, and your probably asking yourself the exact same question as in years before.  What do I get "this person", "what do I get that person", and before long, your tot … read more