Holiday Preview

Nov 12th 2015

Its Thursday, November 12, 2015, and your probably asking yourself the exact same question as in years before.  What do I get "this person", "what do I get that person", and before long, your totally confused as to what to get, and who to get it for.  Hopefully, The Scent Sci can offer you some free, well researched advice.  Well, let's jump right into it.  It's very hard to predict what someone else will like, so you need to just do the very best you can do.  You need to first of all, take your very best guess at what will work better, candle or diffuser.    We at Scents and Sprays, have taken the time, and put all of our noses to the test, and we are going to offer you what WE think works.  We have done hours and hours of testing and I am of the opinion that the Nest product line gives you a great chance of getting that perfect gift.  First things first, what to buy?  Diffuser or candle?  Diffusers are great for a lot of reasons.  First, not everyone is wild about having things "lit" around the house or office.  Diffusers fill the void nicely.  No flames, and just about maintenance free.   Second, diffusers typically last weeks longer than your average candle.  This is just simple physics.  It takes longer for liquid to evaporate than it takes wax to vaporize while being burnt.  This brings diffusers into the category of great value.  Nest diffusers in particular, have performed very very well during our tests.  The scent is strong, and the area it saturates is large.  As a gift, its hard to find better value.  

     We have also taken a lot of time, researching in hopes of answering the very difficult question of, "what candle should i buy?"  Lets face it, not everyone like diffusers, and candles offer a wonderful alternative.  We spent a great deal of time in the past couple weeks observing how our Nest candles perform, and the news is good.  Its really hard to find something  wrong with these candles.  From the time you receive them, the packaging is elegant, the vessels that contain the wax are very decorative, and once you light them, you will soon see why we rate them so high.  A good smelling area is never a bad thing.  It keeps moral high, and your senses sharp.  In other words, a great gift idea! 

     Once you decide candle or diffuser, the question then becomes what fragrance?   As we are sure you understand, fragrance choice is very subjective, and is largely based on personal preference.  I can offer you some ideas, but the end decision must be yours.  Like I mentioned earlier, we have taken a great deal of time, physically testing a bunch of fragrances, and again Nest has performed very well throughout the trial period.  Their holiday scents are unique, and its not hard to understand why the demand is so high for the entire Nest Holiday Line.