Scent Sci 2016 1st Quarter Review

Scent Sci 2016 1st Quarter Review

Posted by Scent Sci the Scent Expert on Jan 20th 2016

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Greetings from all of us at Scents & Sprays!

     Despite the major holidays being over, its NEVER to early to think about some of the "not so prevelant" holidays, such as Valentines Day.  If your anything like me, this holiday always leaves me scrambling about what to buy, what to buy.  We at Scents & Sprays can certainly help you with this dilemma.  Candy is nice, Perfumes are nice, but candles or diffusers, or perhaps even bubble bath can really score you some originality points, and there are some very exquisite fragrances, perfect for the days ahead.

We are going to try to lead you in a good direction, by listing some of our favorites, which can easily become some of your favorites.

Lets begin with Trapp.

Fragrances are very subjective, and there are so many offerings, we are going to give you some of our personal preferences in regards to the Valentines Day theme.

You cant go wrong with Trapp Sexy Cinnamon.  I mean really, theres not many folks who dont appreciate a good whiff of cinnamon, and this one does the trick.  Theres just something sensual about this aroma.  Its popularity increases during this particular holiday for whatever reason.

Trapp Wild Currant also leaves its mark, and is very pleasant smelling while its burning.  You walk into the room, and good thoughts fill the head when a Wild Currant is cooking.

Trapp Bobs Flower Shoppe, one of the best sellers, speaks for itself.  Theres just not many people who dont like it, and those of us who cant burn candles, Trapp offers diffusers in all of these scents.  Once again, a great original idea that will leave your significant other knowing you did not just mindlessly hurry through the day.

Aquiesse is another good choice if you like candles and diffusers.

Aquiesse Luxe Linnen candles are absolutely perfect for St. Valentine.  Its another candle that sees a ton of action during this particular season, and its NOT hard to understand why.  Its pleasant to the nose, and burns perfectly.  A great combination.  The Luxe Linnen diffuser is a super candle substitute.  The fragrance is strong and long.

Aquiesse Moon Lit Petals is another one of our personal favorites around Valentines Day.  The name pretty much describes it.  They've done a great job with this one. You would not be disappointed.

There is never a wrong time of year to burn Nest Candles.  

Nest Blue Garden scores high in fragrance, and comes in a very nice vessel to boot.  Lets face it, as a gift, you want it to look good too.

Nest Sicilian Tangerine is another perfect scoring scent from Nest.  Theres something about orange that puts a smile on everyones face.  Valentines day is a time for smiles, and this one remains popular as a result.

Its never easy trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone.  We hope to provide you another opportunity to show him/her, how much they really do mean to you.  Stay tuned for more test results from Scent Sci, your friendly test expert.