Pick-Em Thursday

Posted by Scent Sci The Scent Expert on Oct 22nd 2015

Greetings All;

Each and every Thursday, I will try to give you a list of preferred scents, which may or may not help you decide what you may or may not like.  With out further delay, let's list this weeks preferred scents.

1)  Trapp #4 Orange/Vanilla-    This is not surprising at all that this has made it to the top of our list this week.  There never seems to be a wrong time for this fragrance, and it maintains its traction year round.  It moves out of the warehouse, as fast as it comes in, so don't be afraid to purchase more than 1 if it's one you like.


2)  Nest Pumpkin Chai-   Tis' the season for this candle, and rarely do you see it move as fast as it does now.  Something about Halloween and this fragrance go hand in hand, and being seasonal, it's highly obtainable now, but won't be in the near future, so stock up!


3)  Trapp Lemon Sugar Cookie-   We believe in being up front on this forum, and are not afraid to tell you about something we don't like.  This is a very very popular fragrance, but when I tested it, the fragrance would fall under the category of mild, in my opinion.  This is not a room "shocker", but initially smells wonderful.  If your looking for something strong, this is not the candle for you.  That being said, it is a very pleasing scent.  I dont know anyone who doesn't like the smell of cookies, and this scent certainly creates that picture.  It places very high on our list, despite my gripe.



4)  Aquiesse French Oak Currant-  This scent has grown on me, more and more each day.  Having recently burned it, it's going to receive a high review, because it not only smelled good, it burned remarkably even, and wasted nothing.  This fragrance represents "Fall", and here in Michigan, Fall surrounds us.  I highly recommend this scent for several reasons.  One, it smells great!!!  Two, it's very affordable, and three, it burns slow, but even, and gives you a very satisfying feeling. 


5)  Seda France Japanese Quince-  This one makes our list on scent alone, but there's a host of reasons to invest in this candle.  Oprah Winfrey picked this candle as her favorite, but that's not why we like it.  It has a very pleasing fragrance, and I can't count how many people came in here and said "Man it smells good in here".   From the Fed Ex serviceman, to the average customer coming in to purchase candles, they all liked this one while it was burning.  


*Remember-  We will try to get you honest, heartfelt info, each and every Thursday*

Scent Sci The Scent Expert