Smith & Sinclair Happy Birthday MINI Alcoholic Gummies

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Smith & Sinclair Happy Birthday MINI Alcoholic Gummies

Manufacturer Description:

 Our new mini alcoholic cocktail box selections are the stylish way to say Happy Birthday.

We love celebrating the big things, small things, and everything in between.  This Alcoholic Happy Birthday Cocktail Gummy box is perfect addition to your celebration.


Selection Includes:

* 2x Whiskey Sour

* 2x Cherry Bramble

* 2x Pina Colada





Whiskey Sour garnished with Lemon Sugar

Glucose Syrup, Water, Cane Sugar, Whisky (40%), Pectin, Ethanol (2%), Flavouring, Citric Acid, Grapefruit Bitters, Aromatic Bitters, Dried Lemon Pieces, Lemon Essential Oil.

Pina Colada garnished with Banana & Cinnamon Sugar

Cherry Bramble garnished with Cherry & Tart Sugar

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